Services and guarantees

It may happen that when you receive your product you will find out that something went wrong, such asTransport damage, an incomplete delivery or problems with your product. We apologize for this. Don't worry, we are going to help you!

An item has been supplied with damage and/or problems:

Despite our careful packaging and shipment, it can sometimes happen that an item is supplied with damage and/or defect. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Report this to us immediately after receipt, send a message via the contact page or mail to:, stating your order or order number. Add to the appendix photos that clearly show what the damage is, so that we can solve it as soon as possible for you.

Within 24 hours you will have a response from an employee of our customer service to discuss the complaint with you. We always provide the most suitable solution.

I have my orderIncomplete received:

Our order is shipped several times for this, but it may happen that an order is delivered incomplete. This is of course very annoying, to be sure that you receive the right products as quickly as possible, we recommend Contact to record with us. This way we can send the other products your side and we are sure that they will be delivered as quickly as possible.

My product has suffered damage that I can't do anything about, what now?

How annoying that your product has suffered damage, this is of course always possible. Fill in the contact form below and do not forget to mention your order number. This way we are sure that we have all the necessary data and we can help you personally as soon as possible.